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English language education for children
from small villages, towns and cities of Ukraine.
VY.Mova is a project that helps children in Ukraine to learn English through education for teachers, and extracurricular activities, as well as we are motivating them to develop as personalities.
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We understand the importance of English language for the later life and career of our children and we want every child to have an opportunity to get a quality education.
We are working through local teachers and principals by introducing new educational methods and engaging active youth from cities and English speaking volunteers to the process of education at place.
From September 2020 VY.Mova offers each English teacher an annual development program. If you join the project now or in the future, we will grow professionally together throughout the school year!
How to join the project?
If you have time to talk to your community / education department in the summer, you will be able to start an innovative extra curricular lessons with us!
State your wish to join or ask any question by writing us at an email
Learn with us on YouTube
During the COVID-19 pandemic, in order to help with distance learning process, we have launched a YouTube channel with Ukrainian-language dubbing of useful material for language learning. Every week we have 2-3 videos with mini-lessons on grammar and vocabulary.

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To be a program that will give an opportunity to successfully study English and develop as a personality for every Ukrainian child regardless of place of birth.
Children in Ukrainian villages and small towns between the ages of 7 and 17 have access to cutting-edge technologies for learning English as well as self-development. They are motivated to grow and learn in order to become professionals and ready to develop the area in which they were born.
В Освіторія Хаб у Києві провели дискусію про тренди викладання англійської мови в Україні
Заняття у молодших класах
What are we doing?
We help children in small cities, towns and villages to learn English through the involvement of mentors, innovative approaches in education, teacher development and involvement of English speaking volunteers in the region.
We motivate children to learn the language and develop as individuals through the work of mentors in towns.
We hold lectures, camps and trainings for children aimed at developing critical thinking and understanding of themselves in order to have a better career in the future. For example, we bring US Peace Corps volunteers (Americans who are now volunteers in Ukraine) to lessons.
We help children to gain love and respect for their native land, so that they intend to develop the region in the future.
Students about VY.Mova
4th grade student (Novoselivka)
I want English to be taught at our school every day! look forward to the next lesson to play, to draw and learn new words again.
9th grade student (Lyubomyrka)
After learning English with VY.Mova, I began to understand a little about the lyrics of my favorite rap artists, although I had never heard foreign language at all before. These lessons give me the result and I feel it.
6th grade student (Kuyalnyk)
I liked it when a foreign teacher, a Peace Corps Volunteer, came to our school. It was interesting to hear a person from another country. I even managed to ask her the right questions and understand what she answered me. This is a lot more fun than just reading books.
Вчителі про ВИ.Мову
Valentyna Kardash
Teacher of senior and junior grades, the city of Chernomorsk
I am grateful fot the creative work of the team, especially grateful for the opportunity to practice spoken English in the online Speaking club, which VY.Mova has organized for us. I enjoy every Saturday!
Karyna Chuiko
Teacher of S.Morozova pre-school center, Belgorod-Dniestrovsky
VY.Mova is a unique project! It gives maximum of useful information in a simple form of explanation! I like the variety we get for development: from the explanation of English materials to the coverage of the most relevant topics in pedagogy and psychology. I am especially grateful to Mariia Donets (the manager) for her competence and good organization of all the events I attended! VY.Mova is ❤️!
Oksana Gopkalo
Teacher of Kyiv school №91
I admire the energy of Ms. Mariia. The project is cool and very needed, it develops the teacher not only narrowly in his/her subjects, but in general as a person and a professional, I will be happy to help with the development of the project.
The project is being implemented with the support of the member of Ukrainian parliament O. Goncharenko's team.
Project manager:
Mariia Donets
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